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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cedar Plank Fish (Wild Sockeye Salmon, Wild Mahi-Mahi...)

Cedar Plank Fish (Wild Sockeye Salmon, Wild Mahi-Mahi...).... Ok, I think I may be outdated on this version of cooking fish. I know, I know, cooking fish on a cedar plank was like so totally yesterday!:) But, Costco had a great deal on these planks, so I grabbed them and finally did a couple of dinners using the cedar plank. I like the fact that you don't have to worry about heating up your oven during the summer months. Plus, the cedar plank keeps the fish quite moist. So for that reason alone, I would recommend it! I liked the fact that you can vary your seasonings to what you like and care for...I tried 2 versions using 2 types of fish. I preferred the salmon over the Mahi-Mahi...I don't exactly know why. Maybe it was just me...and not the fish! I grilled my fish on medium heat and got a decent amount of smoking. I didn't taste the smoke flavor in the fish that much(though the Mahi-Mahi was a bit more smoke flavored)...I don't know, maybe it is a good thing if you don't like the smoke flavor. I suppose if you want a stronger smoke flavor, you would probably need to heat it on high and watch for flare-ups. I didn't have to deal with my plank catching fire. Overall, I would do the cedar plank again...I loved the fact that the fish was definitely moist and was quite easy to do. Perfect for company(that is, if they care for fish:)!
You will need:
1 long fillet of fish(preferably salmon...though you can use other fish)
1 cedar plank, soaked for at least 2 hours
Seasoning to include: any or some to your taste
lemon/lime slices
chipotle powder
Place the cedar plank in the sink and pour enough water to fully immerse the plank. You may need to weigh it down, if it floats. Let it sit in the water for at least 2 hours or overnight.
Season your fish with salt and pepper...use any other seasoning you like. I chose to use some dried dill with the Mahi-Mahi and some chipotle powder with the salmon. I also added some chopped garlic, butter and cilantro to the salmon. I squeezed some lime juice over it as well.
Remove plank from the water and pat dry. Add a bit of oil and salt all over the plank. Place fish skin side down. Grill on med-low for 20-40 minutes depending on thickness. Just test and see that the fish flakes easily.

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