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Thursday, September 4, 2008

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Explora Cuisine said...

este foarte utila rubrica aceasta, poate postez si eu una, cand adun mai multe ustensile :) chiar ieri mi-am luat un loaf pan din ceramica de la Paula Deen, e superba! :)

Ellie said...

Explora Cuisine, Interesant ca si mama mea a cumparat (mai de mult) un lasagna pan... tot de Paula Deen si ii place tare mult:).

Anonymous said...

Sunt din Bucuresti,tata a avut restaurant
Mititei se faceau in fiecare zi si le duc doru
Am ceva de adaugat Ca sa fie putin picanti
Se adauga Ardei usturat ,zeama-ardei se taie marunt,
Se pune intr-un ibtic cu apa,se fierbe la foc mic
Se adauga dupa gust
Usturoiul se piseaza ,cu sarea pana devine aproape lichid
Iar gratarul se unge cu "Grasime de vaca ,-o bucara cat mai mare
Se infasoara ca un pamatuf,gratarul inchins se freaca de cateva ori
Cu acesta grasime va da un gust aparte,cand se intoarc mititei
trebuie uns din nou ,the restul asa pregatesc si eu

Ellie said...

Anon, Multumesc mult de ajutorul pentru a face mititei mai buni:). Apreciez mult! Imi place tare idea sa fac mititei picanti. Si cred ca gretarul uns cu grasime de vaca face pentru un gust aparte! Nu am incercat sa pisez usturoiul cu sare, dar merita incercat, mai ales pentru cei care le plac mai mult usturoi:).

Multumesc mult pentru sugestii si vizita. O zi placuta!

Nellie Dale said...

1My husband and I travelled in Romania in August 2013. Beautiful people and country. For a special dinner party back home I tried some of Ellie's recipes -- Cozonac, Mititei, Ostropel and Salata de Varza Rosie -- all fantastic. Great directions and pictures on recipes. THANK YOU, Ellie

Nellie Dale said...

My husband and I travelled in Romania in August 2013. For a special dinner party back home I tried some of Ellie's Romanian recipes -- Cozonac, Salata de Varza Rosie, Ostropel and Mititei. ALL WONDERFUL. We had such a good time -- Roger and I sharing some of our adventures and sharing food with family and friends. THANKS.

Ellie said...

Nellie, Thank you! So happy you enjoyed making the Romanian dishes... it made my day just knowing you tried the recipes:). Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it! It means a ton to me that you took the time to write... glad you stopped by:)!

Anita Krell said...

Dear Ellie!!! I´m so happy that I found your Blog….
My parents were Romanian I miss them so much especially my mother and her cooking!!!… I cry every time when I look at the telephone and can´t talk to her…
On saturday I have invited the ambassador of Romania and his wife… Looking for Romanian recipes I found you!!!!
I´m going to try several of your recipes!!!

Ellie said...

Anita, I am so happy you stopped by.:)! I can only hope that you find the recipes somewhat similar to your mom's cooking. I definitely can't promise it's close to your mom's recipes, because mom's cooking is always best... but maybe they can be a good starting point... and as you cook, you can easily adjust taste to your liking.

Boy, having important Romanian guests will be a challenge... but cook from the heart! Would love to hear what dishes you prepare. Wishing you success... and thanks for stopping by, it was good to hear from you! You are always welcome here:)....

Ana Cunningham said...

Dear Ellie, my name is Ana and I'm a 40 year old young romanian/American young woman (20 years spent in Romania and 20 in the US).I'm also a wife, mother/stepmother of 4, grandmother of 4,friend to many people, angel to strangers and also a fanatic cook (self made and proclaimed)crazy in love with your blogs. For quite a long time now i have been quietly visiting your websites devouring your recipes, pictures, stories etc.I always come back for more. I'm never quite satisfied...because if I'm away from home, your site brings me back home in my kitchen where I love to cook for strangers, friends and family.and if I'm in my kitchen you always inspire me to cook dishes that absolutely and undoubtedly thrill all of my senses.So the million dollor question is why am I writing you all this right now? Well, God had it in store for me to come to Montana and I'm here NOW! In Kalispell for a full week and I'm speechless, well, I was the first day I arrived here.it's like you wrote in your entries, it's like in your pictures. It's like I dreamed in my dreams a thousend times over the years, it's that awesome and great. it's like I'm home pe Valea Sambetei in Muntii FagarasuluI in case bunicii:-) Thank you Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and passion.God gifted you and I and many of us with skills and acknowledge and heart and so many other things so we can do what we do best and yes, HE also blessed us with husbands who are always happy to try our dishes and support us no matter what.God bless you and your family.I love what you do, I love who you are. I'm forever your fan. ANA

Ellie said...

Oh, Ana... my eyes watered when I read your kind email. Thank You! Thank you for your kind words, they warmed my heart with thankfulness to the LORD for people like you.

I really appreciate you stopping by and sharing. I am so glad God uses my blog to inspire and bring you memories of your growing up years in Romania. Was thrilled to hear that you made it to Montana!

Montana is indeed a beautiful state... just these past several weeks I've been in awe with the changing colors... such a beautiful sight to behold... the red, orange, yellow and green leaves signaling that Fall has officially arrived. I never tire of the different seasonal changes here.

May God continue to use your cooking talent to serve others. And as you said, HE gave us the cooking to be used for HIS glory.

May you enjoy the rest of your vacation here in Montana... God bless your hands in the kitchen as you lovingly take care of your family.

And you are always welcome here to read, try a recipe or two or just to reminisce about your beautiful time in Romania. I always love to hear from my readers:). Much love to you!