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Thursday, August 14, 2014

French Style Omelette... with herbs and cheese.

French Style Omelette... with herbs and cheese. With summer in full bloom, my garden has yielded plenty of herbs... mostly in stages throughout the summer season.However, I don't always use all the herbs growing, as some of it goes to seed rather quickly. But somehow, parsley and chives have been plentiful all summer long. And so recently I was determined to use some of them in a dish...

For some time now we've been buying local farm fresh eggs and love their taste. As of late though, we've been able to get them delivered in town which makes it much easier for us... eliminates the long drive down to the farm. In any case, my husband ends up picking them up during the work week and brings them home... right around lunch time. It's the perfect time to make a super quick and delicious meal... with ingredients I have on hand. Ingredients that are super fresh. And of course an omelette is always welcome.... but the French style makes it especially nice.

The French style omelette is different than a regular omelette in that it is much creamier.... has small curds rather than large. And it also has a smooth surface that lacks the usual golden color found in regular omelettes. Traditionally, the omelette is stuffed with herbs or cheese and then rolled in a cylinder. Looks pretty fancy. And when you think about it... it's just eggs:). 

But making the omelette does take some practice. However, once you learn the technique it's real fun to do. And you can easily change it up by using different fillings and herbs... or if you want, you can even leave it plain. But a good French omelette is almost custard-like in texture... so you don't want to over cook and have the center be dry. Unless of course you prefer it that way:).

There are a ton of videos online that show you how to make the French style omelette, but I've only included a link to the more traditional technique mastered by Jacques Pepin. You'll find the link below. I fold mine a bit different than Jacques Pepin, just because I find it easier for me(and it's not so wet inside)....but feel free to use whatever folding method works for you. Hope you enjoy...     

Note: While I used herbs I had in my garden(parsley, dill and garlic chives) you can use whatever herbs you like ... classic combination is chives, tarragon, chervil and parsley.

Tip: If you would like to see a video of the technique you can see Jacques Pepin making the French omelette HERE . Practice does make "perfect":)...
You will need:
2 ex-large farm fresh eggs
1 TBS butter( now, I'll be honest, I also use oil)
2-3 tsps fresh herbs of choice*
salt and pepper to taste
*I used regular chives, garlic chives, parsley, dill... can use tarragon, chervil,etc. or chives only.

Additional Filling: optional, can use other fillings of choice like cooked vegetables or meat.
1-2 TBS grated cheese (gruyere, jarlsberg, or whatever cheese you like and have on hand)

1. Finely chop herbs of choice. Set aside. Grate cheese if using and set aside.
2. Crack eggs and beat well. I love to use my chopsticks, but you can use a fork or rubber spatula. 
3. Season eggs with salt and pepper and add the herbs. Mix to combine.
4. Heat a 6 inch non-stick skillet on medium heat. Add a pad of butter and allow it to melt and sizzle.
5. Lower heat to low and pour the eggs in the hot buttered skillet. With one hand, using your chopsticks, fork or rubber spatula,mix the eggs continuously but gently.... while all along shaking the skillet back and forth with the other hand.... until mixture resembles small curds surrounded by liquid egg. 
6. Stop moving the pan and scrambling the eggs and allow the eggs to set for 30 seconds or so.... making sure the top is still somewhat wet.  
7. Remove skillet from heat and use the chopsticks or a rubber spatula go around the edge to release the sides, making sure the omelette can easily move in the pan.

7. Tilt the pan so that 1/3 of the omelette is sitting in the "lip" of the skillet, sprinkle the cheese in the "nook"and fold the omelette in thirds(like a letter) using a spatula if needed. Place it back on the heat to set a bit (only if you feel it needs it) then roll it onto a plate... making sure the fold is underneath.
8. Form the omelette into a pointed long cylinder shape. Serve immediately.
OPTIONAL: Brush the top with a bit of melted butter. 


Cathy B., Portland, Oregon said...

This is a great way to use the different herbs I have growing in the garden. I made this omelette this morning with chives and parsley, and we loved it! Our plates were filled out with tomatoes, cucumbers, and young green beans picked fresh this morning. We are trying to get our carbs from veggies these days, rather from grains. Thanks so much for your inspiration!

Ellie said...


Yay! I am so thrilled to hear that you tried out the herbed eggs.

Sounds like you really had a delicious and fresh breakfast. You cannot beat the fresh veggies for breakfast:).

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and stopping by. I really appreciate it. SO glad I could be of inspiration:)...