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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fresh Strawberry Gelato...Egg-free

Strawberry Gelato...Egg-free. Because of all the rain we've been having this year, my strawberry patch has done quite well. And even though my strawberries ripened later than normal, I was thrilled to finally harvest a couple of bowlfuls this past week. I was really surprised to get so much, as the previous years weren't so bountiful. Granted the strawberries have multiplied and have practically taken over my garden:). I always seem to struggle with the thought of cooking any garden-fresh fruit or vegetable if I don't have to.

We love to eat the strawberries and savor the taste without adding or taking away from their natural goodness. But I really wanted to make something special with a few of them...I figured I had some to spare. I thought about making a fresh berry tart, or a cheesecake, or a sweet bread...but I finally decided to make a gelato. I had come across a rather intriguing recipe that used no eggs and I really wanted to try it. The recipe used cornstarch to thicken the gelato base, and I was really curious how that would play out in the final recipe. Would it make it creamy?...
I really wanted the gelato to be creamy and definitely not icy. I've made plenty of ice creams that do not use an egg custard base...and most of them come out icy. This was different...creamy and oh-so delicious! LOVED it!
The only issue I have with this recipe, is that it doesn't make enough:)...had to make another batch (using cherries instead and some shaved chocolate). I am thinking this recipe can be made with other types of fruits...definitely worth trying, as I loved how creamy and easy this was to make. Hope you enjoy...

Note: While this recipe uses cornstarch as a thickener, I am thinking it can probably be replaced with another form of thickener..maybe tapioca starch, or arrowroot. Not sure though...as I haven't yet tried either of them. I did read that arrowroot when mixed with dairy products, can cause it to get slimy. Now, I don't know how that would turn out when frozen... But if you do try it, I would love to know how that works in this recipe... or if you've used a different thickener.

You will need: adapted from Bon Appetit via Epicurious

3/4 cup sugar
1 TBS cornstarch
1 cup whole milk
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
2 1/4 cups sliced strawberries
2 TBS pomegranate juice, optional
1-2 TBS Chambord*
* you can use a bit of vanilla instead

1. Wash, hull, and slice strawberries. Puree sliced strawberries in a food processor. Strain (I didn't bother, as I like the seeds...and honestly did not wan't to lose any part of my strawberries:))... and set aside.
2. To a medium sauce pan, add sugar and cornstarch. Stir to combine.
3. Add milk and cream. Whisk to combine.
4. Whisk gelato mixture over medium heat until it thickens and starts to bubble....about 5 minutes.
5. Cool gelato base over an ice bath and add pureed strawberries...and Chambord, pomegranate juice or vanilla, if using.
6. Chill 3 hours or overnight( I left mine for 24 hours in the fridge).
7. Process in ice cream maker....you can always add some shaved/chopped chocolate towards the end of the churning process.
8. Freeze for at least 3 hours before serving.


Mihaela said...

Ellie, I like your gelato, and I know it's tasty too! So nice that you have strawberries in your garden. I "caught" the strawberries in the last week at the farmer's market, and I made strawberry frozen yogurt, I like how it keeps the strawberry taste, and I also made the strawberry preserve, you should try it if you have more strawberries. Thanks for offering to send me kefir grains, it's so sweet of you, but I went on Amazon and they have it there, I will order it, thank you! have a wonderful day :)

Ellie said...

Mihaela, I know you posted a wonderful strawberry preserve recipe on your blog some time ago...today, I went to go water my garden and noticed I had some more strawberries that had ripened...decided I could make a small batch of preserves:). Finished it, and it was WONDERFUL! So full of flavor....Thank you for the inspiration to make it...and the recipe:).
I am so glad you were able to find some kefir grains online... it would be nice to make your own kefir at home.
Hope you have a great day!

Speranta said...

Ellie,Ce frumos au crescut capsunile in gradina ta!

Fresh sunt mai gustoase si bune bune...

Interesanta reteta asta,arata super!

O ,zi buna draga mea!

Ellie said...

Speranta, Multumesc mult...chiar mam bucurat de capsiuni anul asta. Si a fost tare bune in inghetata:)
O zi minunata iti doresc:)!