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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Polenta Bites...a hot appetizer

Polenta Bites...a hot appetizer. I immediately decided to make some polenta bites after being inspired by Mari's polenta cakes on Once Upon a Plate. They looked so simple and good... and I just had some leftover polenta:). I was happy to make them....
Polenta bites. Different. Simple. Tasty. If you are looking for a New Year's hot appetizer, you might want to give these a try. I noticed that you definitely need a salty component to have the polenta bites come together. I chose to use some prosciutto, but you can use some anchovies (as Mari used at Once Upon a Plate) or a saltier cheese... such as feta. I had these fresh marinated mozzarella balls along with some grape tomatoes and some homemade roasted bell pepper...and that is what I ended up using. I am posting this more as an idea, as the recipe is pretty much straightforward...so feel free to be creative. In case you ever have leftover polenta, you might want to give these polenta bites a try. Definitely brings polenta leftovers up to a new level. Hope you enjoy...

You will need: inspired by Once Upon a Plate
cooked polenta
marinated mozzarella balls, cut in half*
cherry/grape tomatoes, cut in half**
prosciutto, cut in strips
fresh herbs
chile flakes,optional
olive oil(optional)
*you could also use some feta, manchego, parmesan or your favorite cheese
** you could also use some roasted bell pepper strips


1. Make polenta. Pour hot polenta in a flat pan to about 1 inch in height(or a little less...if too thick the polenta can be too much in comparison to the toppings).
2. Refrigerate until hardened.
3. Cut shapes and top with cherry/grape tomato(or roasted red bell pepper), mozzarella, and strip of prosciutto. Sprinkle a few chile flakes, if desired.
4. Drizzle with a bit of the marinated olive oil that comes with the mozzarella(or plain olive oil mixed with fresh herbs).
5. Broil until cheese is melted...sprinkle additional herbs if desired. Serve hot.


Unknown said...

Have I told you how nice your recipes are! Very inventive and nice. This is a great idea.

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...
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Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

Ooops, let's try this again.

Hi Ellie!! I'm so happy you liked them. Your photos are a-MAZING! Love the way yours turned out.

Thank you so much for the links back. ((hugs))

Oh BTW, now I'm craving your roasted mushrooms on your previous post. Going to check that out right now. ;)

I think we may have very similar tastes in food... when I saw 'mushrooms' and 'capers' you captured my attention immediately. (Not to mention your fabulous photos!)

Wishing you a beautiful and bright New Year! Cheers ~m.

Ellie said...

Jennifurla, So very,very sweet of you...Thank you!

Mari, Thank YOU for the inspiration! I very much enjoy you style of cooking and... well, your awesome photography always makes me want to try the recipe:) T
hanks for taking the time to stop by...
Wishing you a very Happy new Year! ~Ellie

Jenny said...

This is so adorable! I have this on my list to make for my Son's 1st birthday party. Merci for the insparation!

Ellie said...

Magdalene, Thanks for stopping by...so glad I could be of inspiration:). I too love it when I get inspired.
Glad you like the polenta bites... just know that you can totally get creative with the toppings.
Hope your son's birthday party goes well.
Have a great day...~Ellie