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Monday, November 29, 2010

Nordic Ware Product Review..Searing Grill Pan

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Nordic Ware Product Review... Searing Grill Pan... and a recipe for Korean Kalbi (to come soon)...
Several weeks ago, I received some really neat sample products to test and review from the really generous folks at Nordic Ware. Most of you know that Nordic Ware is the company behind the famous Bundt cake...first introduced in 1950. Sixteen years later, Ella Helfrich wins the 17th annual Pillsbury Bake-off with her Tunnel Of Fudge Bundt cake recipe. Since then, Nordic Ware has launched many other products besides the famous bundt cake pan....products ranging from bakeware to cookware to outdoor grilling. From time to time, the company comes up with new products featuring some really cute seasonal bakeware as well as other items. For sure, Nordic Ware takes pride in making great products.
Nordic Ware was kind enough to send me a variety of samples to test and review....one of them being a searing grill pan. While Nordic Ware has a variety of searing grill pans(the Pro-Cast ,the Superior Steel, as well as an Aluminized Steel) , I ended up testing the Aluminized Steel Searing Grill Pan.

Now, I have never owned a grill pan before, so this review was quite exciting for me.

Some information about the Nordic Ware 11 inch Searing Grill Pan:

~Is made of aluminized steel...provides superior heat distribution.
~Has raised ribs for creating really nice grill marks...the kind you get in restaurants.
~Non-stick surface... provides great release and low-fat cooking
~Has a cooking surface of about 11 inch square
~5 year warranty
~Made in the U.S.A

Use and Care:
~Wash with soapy water before initial use.
~Use moderate heat...this is very important as the aluminized steel can heat up really fast and damage the pan.
~Do not use metal utensils, scouring pads or harsh abrasive cleaners...this will damage the non-stick coating.

Testing the Nordic Ware Searing Grill Pan:
As you might well know by now, I love to use my outside grill. Just love the flavor. In the winter, I tend to use my stove top and oven much more than the grill. I guess I don't always want to deal with the snow and frigid cold weather. Sometimes, I just want to grill just one piece of chicken breast...you know, to use it on top of a salad, in a pasta dish, etc. In the past, I've pan fried it. But I was never able to get those really nice grill marks. In any case, I went ahead and tested the searing grill pan by grilling beef, chicken and fish. I chose to marinate the beef (overnight) and chicken(an hour or so). As for the fish, I simply seasoned it with a bit of salt and pepper along with a drizzle of olive oil. Before grilling the meat, I drizzled a bit of olive oil in the pan and heated it up on medium heat. Boy, did it heat up really quick! You actually have to watch and lower the heat so as not to burn the meat/fish.

I grilled the fish and chicken for a few minutes on one side and turned it over on the other side with absolutely no sticking whatsoever. For the fish, I decided to make the criss-cross grill marks, to sort of mimic the restaurant grill effect. It worked beautifully.

Overall impression: I really liked the searing grill pan. A great grill pan that brings outdoor grilling... indoors. There's also the added convenience of grilling kabobs on wooden skewers without burning the skewers:)... and, I love that. The pan is not only great for grilling meat, but you can also make quesadillas, panini sandwiches or flat-breads.... just love how quickly the pan heats up and retains the heat.. Not only is it easy to use, but it really makes your food look so presentable! It provides those beautiful grill marks that can not be attained by using a regular frying pan. The pan is perfect for making low-fat meals in a matter of minutes.... especially useful for those who don't have access to an outside grill. You can use the pan to grill a single serving... or if you want, multiple servings.

~ In the next post, I will be sharing a recipe for Korean Kalbi( BBQ Beef Short Rib) using the Nordic Ware searing grill pan. I loved the flavor and the grill marks the pan produced.

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