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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Product Review...Saber 3 1/2 inch Pairing Knife

Product Review...Saber 3 1/2 inch Pairing Knife
Recently, I was given a Saber 3 1/2 inch pairing knife to evaluate by Rich Menefee, the founder and CEO of Saber Knives. Saber Knives is rather new on the market and only sells 2 types of knife sets. It includes a 13 Piece Professional Knife Set and Block and a 12 Knife Professional Set with Chef Bag. But for those who are interested in buying individual knives, Saber also sells them individually. For this review, I only tested the 3 1/2 inch pairing knife. The knife has a granton edge, as do all of the knives in the Saber Knife sets. The granton edge(or dimples) helps to reduce sticking, especially while slicing food such as potatoes, cucumbers, etc. The blade is made from some of the best German steel. It is fully forged, heat treated, and cryogenically frozen to ensure blade stability as well as a remarkable edge. The knife can be refreshed, or re-sharpened countless of times. Most importantly, it performs like other German brands out on the market. I own some German knives and noticed the Saber knife performed similarly to my German knives, if not better.

Some of the features of the Saber Knives:
59 years of knife making experience

38 step manufacturing process

Hot drop forged from a single piece of German steel

Unique tempering method ensures blade stability for optimum sharpness

Full tang with bolster provides maximum strength and superior balance

Granton edge produces less drag to improve efficiency and reduce fatigue

Hand wash (This is important with all knives...protects and prolongs the life of the knife.)

How I tested the Saber 3 1/2 inch pairing knife:
I decided to test the knife by cutting through tomatoes, carrots, peeling apples, slicing onions as well as peeling potatoes. It performed very well, overall. I also did the paper test, where you cut through the paper to test for sharpness. It cut through the paper the with minimal resistance.
The knife felt really good in my hand...and that is always important when working with any knife. It felt solid. It sliced though multiple food products with minimal effort. I enjoyed using it ...
I also decided to make some mini apple pies and used the Saber knife solely for the peeling, slicing, and cutting of the apples.
I didn't feel any difference between the Saber knife and my other German pairing knife. It performed equally. I think Saber knives are great for the home cook providing them with quality knives at a somewhat affordable price.

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