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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Product Review...Kuhn Rikon Dual Knife Colori

Product Review...Kuhn Rikon Dual Knife Colori
Have you ever seen any of the Kuhn Rikon knives that are on the market today? A few weeks ago I was in a kitchen store, here in our town, and noticed some colorful knives. I remember my husband remarking to me about how unique and interesting they looked. They had all sorts of knives....paring, tomato, utility, etc. I loved their colors... so bright and cheerful. Well, this past week, the real nice folks at Kuhn Rikon sent me one of their knives to test and review. I got the chance to test one of their new knives on the market, the Kuhn Rikon Dual Knife Colori...in the blue color.

About the Kuhn Rikon Dual Knife Colori:

The Dual Knife is primarily designed for Kuhn Rikon by a Swiss designer named Philipp Beyeler. He has come up with yet another new product featuring a dual sided knife. It features the Tomato Knife and the Utility Knife all in one. Pretty neat!

This knife performs double duty. One edge is serrated while the other side provides a smooth edge. The serrated edge cuts through tomatoes and crusty bread cleanly without squishing the middle. The smooth edge cuts through vegetables and fruits and becomes an all-purpose knife. There is no more need for switching from one knife to another. Now, you can have two knives in one. The knife features a sharp Japanese steel blade. It really makes a nice handy kitchen tool for a variety of tasks.
The Dual Knife is about 9 1/2 inches long and has an ergonomic handle that feels quite comfortable in the hand. It comes in three colors... Blue, Red, and Black. I really like the fact that the knife has a protective sheath which is ideal for keeping the blade sharp and not getting it scratched while storing it. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

This is the perfect knife for taking along on a picnic or camping activity. Why take two knives when you can take one?

How I tested the Dual Knife:

I tested the knife by making some sandwiches one day. I had my Multigrain Sandwich Bread out from my freezer, ready to be cut. I took out a block of cheese, a tomato, onion, some deli meats, and a chunk of ham. I wanted to use the chunk of ham... to see if I could get some nice thin slices. I was able to cut through the sandwich bread beautifully...neat thin slices! I was impressed with the ability to cut through the bread cleanly without squishing it. I then started on some of the vegetables....performed as expected. The serrated edge did a wonderful job on the tomato! I also cut through the cheese and ham cleanly with no problems. I ended up with neat slices of ham and cheese. This is great...you can ideally make sandwiches using just one knife. Use the serrated side for the bread and tomato then switch the knife to the other side and cut up your vegetables, meat and cheese. No more dirtying two knives!

Actually, this cute little knife gets a lot more use out of it than just making sandwiches.

I've been using the Kuhn Rikon Dual Knife for a variety of other kitchen tasks....to cut up vegetables for my salads, mincing garlic, slicing cheese, meats, fruits, etc... Actually, I've started to reach for this knife all the time. I've been having fun with it and love to flip it over to use the serrated edge. I love the fact that it is very sharp and requires minimal effort to use it effectively. There is a word of caution... you will need to be extra careful when using the knife's double edge. It does take some time getting used to it, especially if you are used to pressing the back of the knife blade to apply pressure, or to place your fingers on it, etc. You must remember that BOTH sides of the knife are sharp.
Overall, a great little knife that can handle a variety of tasks, has a practical protective sheath and actually looks very nice.

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