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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Product Review... William Bounds Sharp Shooter Pepper Mill

Product Review... William Bounds Sharp Shooter Pepper Mill

Ok, for those of you who love kitchen gadgets, here's a cool one. William Bounds has come up with an electric pepper grinder that looks cool and automatically grinds the pepper for you...or salt for that matter. The other week, the really kind folks at William Bounds sent me the SharpShooter Battery Operated Pepper Mill to try out and review. William Bounds Ltd. is a well known mill company that offers a variety of pepper, salt, or spice mills as well as other products. Besides offering spice mills, they also make silicone kitchen tools, serveware, barware and gourmet ingredients. But for this review, I tested the SharpShooter Pepper Mill , in the color red.

About the SharpShooter Mill:

The SharpShooter is an electric mill that grinds either pepper or salt. So, you can use either one...or have two, one for salt and the other for pepper. Its sleek and stylish body has a clear compartment on top that showcases your peppercorns or sea salt. The soft ergonomic handle ensures that it doesn't slip from your hands and makes for easy handling. It comes in either black or red. The mill has a durable ceramic milling mechanism that doesn't rust. It is fully operated by 6 AAA batteries and is very easy to refill. The SharpShooter is activated by tilting the mill upside down and letting gravity do its job. The mill starts grinding as you tilt it and stops when you return it upright. It uses a single-handed Gravity-Sense operation which frees you from grinding with two hands. Just a simple flip of the wrist and you have freshly ground pepper or salt. Now, that's pretty cool!

How I tested the SharpShooter:

I tested the the SharpShooter for basic seasoning. I used it to season salads. It worked like a charm and did the job. I noticed that you really have to tilt it more than 90 degrees to get the grinder working, bring it upright and the grinder stops.

I also needed to season some chicken breasts on both sides. This is where the SharpShooter came in really handy. I was able to turn the chicken breasts with one hand while I seasoned both sides of the chicken with the SharpShooter. I didn't have to get the grinder dirty and I could season all the the chicken quickly. I didn't need to stop and grind, stop and grind...it was efficient.

I then needed to season some potatoes for a scalloped dish. I was able to mix the potatoes with one hand, while I seasoned with the other. I think that's what 's neat about the SharpShooter. It allows you to grind fresh pepper single-handed.

I really liked the SharpShooter for its ability to grind pepper or salt with just the flip of a wrist. It looks stylish and most of all its fun to use. It provides fresh flavor and spices up any of your meals. "Would you like some fresh pepper on that?"


Unknown said...

can you ell me where to find 2 of thse sharpshooters in red

Ellie said...

Norman, You can find them on Amazon. Hope that helps...

Anthony said...

Yup. they have almost every kind of salt and pepper grindrs on amazon.
For whole peppers I use a coffee grinder. they work great.