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Friday, January 16, 2009

Chocolate Ice Cream Bon Bons

Chocolate Ice Cream Bon Bons... I recently came upon an almost empty box of vanilla ice cream in my freezer...and thought what can I absolutely do with this?! ~I didn't have enough ice cream to make a full ice cream sundae and yet there was just enough to make something special out of it. Why not ice cream bon bons?!~ I did have some chocolate somewhere in my cupboard....so here is what I immediately set out to make....bon bons. Hope you enjoy...

You will need:

Ice cream (any flavor)
melon ball scooper (or a tsp measurement)
some parchment paper


1. Chill a parchment paper lined plate in the freezer. Scoop out balls of ice cream.

2. Place ice cream balls on cold plate and stick a toothpick in each ( to help you later).

3. Freeze for an hour or so or until completely firm.

4. Melt chocolate. Let chocolate cool slightly...here is the trick...you don't want your chocolate to be too hot, as it will slide off the ice cream ball. You want it to be close to 85 degs....just barely warm.

5. Dip each ice cream ball into the chocolate( you may need to use a spoon to help you spoon chocolate over the entire surface to cover it).

6. Set on cold plate and remove the toothpick. Do the rest.
7. Drizzle with remaining chocolate if you like( it can camouflage some imperfections:). Freeze. Serve in a pretty glass.

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