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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chocolate Covered Figs... easy and healthy.

Chocolate Covered Figs... as a snack or perfect for gift giving. I think the title of this recipe is all the information one needs to make these delicious treats.  There's nothing complicated in this recipe... well, as long as the chocolate doesn't burn in the melting process:). 

In any case, I thought to share with you a simple recipe... I feel as I don't have too many quick and simple recipes here on this site:).... and I have a recipe I'll be posting soon that will probably take the prize for the longest recipe ever. But for now, this one is definitely uncomplicated...  quick and simple! It's great as a snack, a breakfast treat, placed next to a fancy dessert.... or simply given out as gifts, all wrapped up nicely.

Last week  while on a weekend drive out of town, my husband and I stopped at a CO-OP. Love the CO-OP... because you can feel like a kid again.... it's where you can pick all sorts of treats from a variety of bins and you don't feel bad about your selection. It's usually healthy:). So both my husband and I picked out our favorite treats... dried figs for my husband... and chocolate for me:).  

When we got home, we snacked on the figs and chocolate... found out that chocolate and figs taste incredibly well together. So the next day, I put the 2 flavors together and made these little treats.  I left them simple... just chocolate and figs, but you can easily add some chopped nuts to the dipped chocolate base, or even dried coconut. I think green pistachios would bring a nice bright pop of color. 

If you're looking to add an edible treat to brighten up a gift basket or cookie plate, you might want to try these simple chocolate covered figs. They are gluten-free... and you can use a good chocolate to make them free of most allergens. Hope you enjoy...  

You will need: you can make a few or as many as you like

dried calimyrna figs
melted chocolate

chopped nuts
dried coconut 


1. Melt chocolate... either in a double boiler or the microwave in 30 second increments.
2. Dip dried figs in chocolate.... and if you like, in chopped nuts or coconut. 
3. Place dipped figs on a plastic lined plate ... or parchment lined plate and allow chocolate to harden in the fridge (if chocolate isn't tempered). 

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