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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Open-Face Greek Kofta...on Flatbread

Open-Face Greek Turkey Kofta...on Flatbread. The recipe for this pizza-like flatbread was actually inspired by a recipe from MasterChef Australia. I'd never made such a recipe and the idea of spreading raw ground meat on top of a flatbread was interesting....it piqued my interest...to the point of making it the next day:). I was actually curious to see how the raw meat would play out in the recipe.
Even though I ended up using some ground turkey meat for my open kofta, I think it would work exceptionally well with some ground lamb meat. The meat filling can be made ahead and kept in the fridge... so it's especially nice to be able make a quick lunch when time is short. I really liked how well the turkey cooked under the broiler.....and liked it even better when I noticed that the meat actually adheres to the flatbread. This helps tremendously when eating it...even when cutting it.
Since I had some homemade naan/pita bread in the freezer, I was able to make a super quick lunch for us. The original recipe uses store-bought pita bread, so that's definitely another option. I love the fresh ingredients that top the koftas. Feel free to adjust spices according to preference... and add different toppings. You can actually vary the meat seasonings and make it different each time.
This recipe was such a nice change from regular pizzas. It actually reminded me of a Greek gyro...even the whole kitchen smelled like our local gyro restaurant:). I loved how I was able to use some of my ground meat for something other than meatballs or taco meat:). And yes, what seemed strange to me at the beginning...to place raw meat on cooked bread...actually worked! Absolutely loved this dish and will definitely make again. Feel free to check the original beef recipe...as mine is a bit different. Hope you enjoy....

Tip: As a variation, try topping the baked kofta with a sunny side-up egg... we had that for brunch one day, and it was delicious:)...it would be even better to mix the meat with some Italian herbs for a "sausage-like patty" and then you have a more traditional egg/sausage breakfast sandwich:).
~You can also use the meat mixture to make regular koftas...and grill them.

You will need: inspired by MasterChef Australia's Open-Beef Kofta and HERE
  • makes about 8-10 (6 inch flatbread) open-face koftas
Meat Mince:
1.25 lbs. ground meat*

1/4 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp ground coriander
1 TBS dried onion flakes(or 1/3 cup sauteed onion)
zest of half a lemon
1 large garlic, grated
2 tsps whole grain mustard
4 sprigs fresh cilantro(leaves and stems), chopped
1 egg
salt/pepper, to taste
* I used turkey(grind my own from dark and white), but you can also use beef, lamb, chicken

drizzle of olive oil

Toppings: any or all
strained yoghurt (or Greek-style)
red onion, thinly sliced
fresh cilantro leaves,
chopped tomato
cucumber(small Lebanese style), thinly sliced
drizzle of olive oil
feta cheese

1. Mix the meat with the seasonings until fully incorporated....at this point you can refrigerate for a day or so.... or use immediately.

PRE-HEAT OVEN to 500 deg F...place top rack as close to the heating element as possible

2. Brush the bottom of the flatbread with a bit of olive oil....
3. Spread some of the seasoned meat on top of the flatbread...about 1/3-1/2 cup...just so it is evenly spread to the edge of flatbread.
4. Place koftas on a parchment-lined baking sheet pan.
5. Bake 6-9 minutes...or until meat is cooked and bread is crisp. Keep an eye on them as every oven is different and timing can vary. You can also make this in a toaster oven as well.
6. Top with yoghurt and fresh toppings of choice....and a drizzle of olive oil, maybe a pinch of kosher salt.


Mihaela said...

Ellie, I like greek food, and your little "pita" Kofta look so appetizing. I'm sure your bread was way more delicious than storebought pita.

Speranta said...

Ellie, imi place reteta ,simplu si cred ca este tare buna !Sunt tentata sa o incerc.

megi said...

Ellie, once again, a delicious treat. I love the combination of spices you added to the ground turkey, that sounds really flavourful! Thank you for sharing. :)

Ellie said...

Mihaela, I have to admit that I haven't made it with store-bought pita....but the kofta was so good! If you like Greek food, you might want t o give it a try. I think you'll like it:).
Speranta,Chiar te indemn sa o faci..ca este buna, si cred ca o sa iti placa:).
Megi, Yes, the meat was really flavorful! And because I used turkey, it was also moist and not dry at all.

retete- ina said...


Ellie said...

Reteta-ina, Thank you! I am hoping you had a wonderful Easter as well:)...