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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pressure Cooker Mashed Potatoes...

Pressure Cooker Mashed Potatoes... I am trying to build up my pressure cooker recipes... for my own personal reference. So please bear with me this time around as I post yet another recipe involving the pressure cooker. This isn't really much of a post...or recipe for that matter. There's really not much to blog about mashed potatoes:). But this post will help me when I forget the timing:)...and maybe one or two others who own a pressure cooker.
In any case, this recipe is a simple way of making creamy mashed potatoes. The pressure cooker allows the potatoes to cook with very little water ...steaming them more...and actually keeps the potatoes "drier". When the potatoes are covered completely in water, it absorbs quite a bit of the water it's in....making the potatoes more.... well, you know.... "watery". It's not necessarily bad...I mean I've done mashed potatoes without a pressure cooker for the longest time and loved them. But making them in the pressure cooker is much quicker and I have to admit that I prefer the way they come out...drier... ready to absorb any liquid I add(the potatoes can be quite tasty with some heavy cream:)...though I rarely use cream).
For this post, I used some Yukon gold potatoes, but you can easily use russets. Feel free to adjust quantities.... I LOVE to add a sliced garlic clove to the pot as it gives the mashed potatoes a subtle garlic flavor. I simply make my mashed potatoes using cream cheese and milk...and rarely use butter or cream. Hope you enjoy...

Tip: It is important to drain the potatoes right away...leaving them in the water will make them "glue-y"...especially if they are left covered in water for a long period of time. It is best to always mash potatoes while they are hot... when the potatoes cool down they tend to get glue-y when mashed.
First drain, mash the potatoes with the cream cheese, and then add the milk at the end....adjust seasoning.

You will need:
5-6 medium sized Yukon gold potatoes( or 2 ex-large russets)
1 cup water*
1 garlic clove, sliced
1 oz cream cheese, or to taste
1/2-3/4 cup warm milk, or to taste
salt/pepper to taste
*or enough to cover the bottom of the pot to about 1/2 inch or so.

Additional add-ins/mix-in: adding different vegetables along with the potatoes~some vegetables may need to be cut smaller so that they cook evenly along with the potatoes.
  • parsnip
  • rutabaga
  • sweet potato
  • squash
  • celery root, etc...
or mix in at the end~
  • chopped chives
  • leeks
  • roasted garlic
  • bacon or ham
  • sour cream, cream, butter
  • grated cheese, even some goat cheese or feta cheese... etc.
1. Peel potatoes, cut in 1- 1/2 inch pieces.
2. Pour 1 cup water or enough to cover the bottom of the pot to about 1/2 inch.
3. Season with a generous pinch of salt, and add sliced garlic.
4. Cover with lid, bring up to pressure on high heat. Lower heat to low(simmer).
5. Cook about 8- 9 minutes depending on how small/big the potatoes are cut.
6. Turn off heat and release pressure.
7. Drain and add cream cheese.... mash(most times I use a handheld mixer to get a creamy consistency...I know most chefs don't recommend the mixer, but rather a ricer... the mixer works rather well for me, but feel free to use whatever method works for you... )
8. Thin out with hot milk. Taste for seasoning... and adjust.


Alina---Explora Cuisine said...

Love your recipe, I never add any garlic in my mashed potatoes, great idea! Have a sunny week!

retete- ina said...

healthy and delicious.

Mihaela said...

Ellie, I don't have a pressure cooker, so I can't comment on that, but your idea with some roasted garlic added in or some leeks is great. I always make my mashed potatoes with hot milk and hot oil, and a little butter at the end. I think the liquids added hot make the potatoes fluffier :)

megi said...

Ellie, yet another great post using the pressure cooker, my mom uses a similar method, our pressure cookers (I think you are using the same brand) came with a steaming basket, that also makes for drier and perfectly soft potatoes. Your pressure cooker risotto is fantastic, can't wait to see more recipes. :) By the way, I find, using a hand held mixer even the Kitchen Aid works really well for perfectly smooth and not gummy potatoes!

Ellie said...

Alina, I do love adding the garlic...maybe you can give it a try once and see if you like it as well. Thank you for stopping by...as always you are sweet:). Have a lovely week!

Retete-Ina. Sweet of you to stop by... Have a great day!

Mihaela, Oh, I like your version of milk and oil....interestingly enough, my mom would also add a tad bit of oil at the end:). Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!

Megi, Oh, I am so glad you agree that a hand held mixer works just as well to make creamy potatoes:)... I never did understand why chefs say not to use it. I am glad it works for you too:).
Yes, the steaming basket should probably be used...somehow, I tend to not use it very much:)...
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by.

M Family said...

Cauliflower is also a good add :)

Speranta said...

Interesanta reteta "Pressure Cooker
Mashed Potatoes ..."

Multumesc pentru reteta .


Susy said...

This is the first time I get to comment here but I always visit. I love your recipes and the pictures! I have started by own blog, please pass by and visit me!! keep it up!

Ellie said...

M Family, Ah, I forgot the wonderful cauliflower:)...that would be a great addition! Thanks for stopping by...

Speranta, Cred ca o sa iti placa daca incerci... merci pentru vizita.

Suzy, So sweet of you to stop by and for taking a moment to comment. Thank you for your kind words...glad you are enjoying the blog:).
You have a lovely blog as well...

megi said...

Ellie, I tried your recipe last night, I sometimes add a clove or two of garlic, sometimes, a small bay leaf but the combination of cream cheese, milk and garlic was just perfect! Thank you! I love how I can see a recipe here, decide to try it at the very last minute and know it'll turn out perfectly every single time.

Ellie said...

Megi, That's so sweet of you!...So glad you enjoyed the mashed potatoes. I have to admit that I really like the creaminess the cream cheese adds to the potatoes....and anytime I skip it , I totally notice the difference. So glad you liked it as well:)

Anonymous said...

Cooking mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and I couldn't find my pressure cooker instructions .. so I found your webpage on them, and voila!! THANKS so much for posting! Christy in Oregon

Ellie said...

You're welcome, Christy. Hope you enjoy... and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jen said...

How much pressure is "up to pressure"? I'm new to pressure cooker cooking and I have an old fashioned canner/pressure cooker. Thanks!!

Ellie said...

Jen, Well, "bringing it up to pressure" means that maximum pressure has been reached....which for my pressure cooker, the little yellow valve will pop up. I'm not sure how that works on older models, but you basically want to have the pressure at its maximum... before lowering the heat a bit.
Usually the pressure valve will pop up when the liquid inside reaches the boiling stage(over 200DEG F)...and then it creates steam inside the locked pressure cooker...which in turn cooks the food.
Hope this helps a bit...