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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simple Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms

Simple Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms... This is another simple side dish for those of you who like mushrooms...it goes rather well with garlic. You can skip the garlic if you don't like it...but it has great health benefits:). You can easily make this also as an appetizer. You can add some white wine as it cooks or skip it all together. I like to cook the mushrooms on med/high heat while constantly turning them. I just "flip" them in my pan. The mushrooms release a great deal of water. By heating the mushrooms on higher heat, the liquid released evaporates faster and the mushrooms brown nicer. You can also cook the mushrooms on lower heat, it will just take longer for the liquid to evaporate. If you like some liquid to remain, just don't cook it until it all evaporates. I like to add a tad bit of butter at the end...it just makes it taste SO much better. Obviously, you can add as much butter as you like...I am sure it will taste even better!:) The important thing to remember is to take the skillet OFF the heat when you add the butter. Also, remember to add COLD butter... this helps to make more of a sauce. In this post I made two versions...one where I didn't evaporate all the liquid and the other I evaporated most of the liquid. I also used regular white mushrooms(quartered) and the other I used a trio of mushrooms(sliced).
Anyway, it isn't as complicated as I just made it sound...it really is simple.
You will need:
8-12 oz mushrooms
2-3 tsps olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
salt/pepper to taste
1 TBS butter, cold
1/4 cup white wine(optional)
Wash and dry the mushrooms(I like to use a paper towel). You can slice, quarter or leave them whole. Heat a non stick skillet on med/high. Add oil and then the mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper
Cook the mushrooms while constantly turning them . I use a "flipping" motion using my skillet...you basically toss the mushrooms in the skillet using the edge of the skillet to turn them. You can add the wine(if using) when most of the liquid has evaporated(or when the mushrooms are getting a more golden color ). Cook until the alcohol has evaporated. Then add the garlic.
Cook for about 30 seconds or so. You don't want to overcook the garlic...it will become bitter. Turn the heat off and take the pan away from the heat source and add the cold butter in cubes while swirling it in the pan.You can definitely add more butter if you like. Taste for seasoning.

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